Volakas Marble Tile



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Volakas Marble Tile

Grecian White (Volakas  Marble) is a Premium marble from the heart of ancient world Greece.
Available Tile Sizes : 24x24 , 12x24 , 36x36 , 2 cm , 3 cm and 5 Cm Slabs 
Finishing : Polished

Country of origin: Greece 


Volakas – Marble Tile

Apparent density EN1936,kg/m3 2830
Open porosity EN1936,%vol 1,1
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure EN13755 %wt 0,3
Water absorption due to capillarity EN1925,g/(m2 x sec0.5) 4,989
Flexural strength under concentrated load EN12372,MPa/Minimum value expected MPa 4,1/1,7
Freeze-thaw resistance,12 cycles: EN12371,EN12372,MPa 3,2
Freeze-thaw resistance,48 cycles: EN12371,EN12372,MPa 4,3
Resistance to ageing by thermal shock EN14066 Δρ/ΔF % 0,0
Breaking load at dowel hole EN13364/Standard deviation,N/Min.value expected,N 1400/300/846
Abrasion resistance Volume loss 23cm3/50cm2
Slip resistance Unpolished/Polished Surface SRVDry 65/51,SRVWet 60/11


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