Cappuccino beige marble tile

Cappuccino beige marble tile

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Name : Cappuccino Marble Tile


  • Density: 2 693 kg/m3
  • Water absorption: 0.55 %
  • Wearability: 0.68 g/cm2
  • Compression strength: 216 MPa

Country of origin: Turkey 


Cappuccino beige marble tile

  • is naturally elegant. The crystalline structure of the Marble gives it its beauty due to its ability to reflect the sunlight.
  • This square-shaped marble can be part of any elegant and classic look.

    The Cappuccino Beige Polished Marble Tile in beige is as timeless as it is versatile. Its durability and easy maintenance make it a practical and attractive addition to almost any room, and you’ll have an effortlessly elegant aesthetic.